An epilogue pitched by Kwaku’s graveside wouldn’t be enough tribute to tell the world how sad Scata Bada feels about his death, but expressing his heart-felt emotions in soulful lyrics on a solemn beat is rather worth a timeless tribute — Scata Bada thought twice.

Kwaku, stage-named Nsenkyereni , was a pair to Scata Bada in the two’s music duo called “G Check”. Though Kwaku passed away a year ago, Scata still feels his absence, wishing he were here to break bread with him — thus he chose to honour him and all lost souls with a tribute song this year.

Scata Bada recently finished a tribute song for Ponch under the title ” Kwaku” which was the traditional domestic name for Nsenkyereni.

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Scata Bada – Kwaku (Tribute To All Lost Souls) [Download]