Ghana’s dancehall Godmother, Shegah on Friday night stormed the newly opened pub of ‘Shata Michy’ to back her entrepreneurial spirit after critics lampooned her on social media.

Michy, Shata Wale’s ‘Big Booty Girl’ is the owner of Diamond Pub, an upstart enterprise in Ghana’s plush East Legon neighbourhood. Due to permit issues for the location, the structure cannot be permanent hence its main frame is a container. However Diamond pub has been done up nicely with lights and a well-stocked bar that will be the envy of many good pubs in the capital. The general ambience is great and it’s popping every night since its opening with activity.


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However, critics of Ghana’s dance hall king Shata Wale have laid into him for ‘bragging’ about his wealth and his wife’s new pub only to find out that it is ‘ a container store.’ This kicked up a storm on social media especially on the Facebook pages of the Shata Movement family.
Shata Wale himself waded in and called the bluff of every one who dared insult his ‘girl’.

Shegah, the Queen Pin of Ghana dancehall however was disappointed with the attitude of fans and rather chose to encourage Sahta Michy by playing up the sister argument.
She wrote on her Facebook Page;
“When a woman is able to do what most men can’t do, she needs to be appreciated. Yes she has started a good thing. We have to support her in every way we can. “Go Girl and Big It Up. I love the set up bad bad. In fact this Friday , I dey storm the place with my girls. Drinks and everything on me,” Shega said much to the delight of Shata Wale and Shata Michy and their multitude of social media followers.

So on Friday night, Shegah kept her promise. She Stormed the Diamond Pub with her girls and it was near pandemonium as they tried to redefine fun.
Shata Michy was very appreciative of the support and thanked Shegah, the Godmother of Ghana Dancehall for siding with her as her sister.