Sherifa Princess Gunu and her management team Gunu Musical Entertainment are very angry with organizers of the just ended Hope City Concert, Charterhouse and Empire Entertainment for what it termed as sabotage.

Speaking to Flex newspaper and about the ups and downs of the concert, the management disclosed that on the day of the event there was no security for local artistes. “Our artiste was sabotaged by one of the event co-ordinators,” remarked Sherifa’s management led by Mr. Ike Ikechuku and Mr. Wisdom Crah.
“We think the organizers in question did not show respect to our artiste because she was billed to perform twenty minutes with five tracks but after putting up a splendid performance with only three tracks, the microphones started going off.  Just after our artiste left the stage, the microphones began to function and as management, we know that Rudy as part of the coordinators on the stage, knows something about this sabotage just to prevent her from performing to her fans. They did that to prevent our artiste from putting up her best performance to attract more followers and gigs,” they continued.
Mr. Ike Ikechukwu, Sherifa’s manager and the Public Relations Officer Mr. Wisdom Crah added that “It was a shame to see Sherifa Gunu, D-Black, R2Bees among others struggling before finding their ways through the entrance. The security men told our artiste we needed to have confirmed from the authorities before she could enter. How ridiculous” he asked.
“Things didn’t go well at all and we wish to apologize to our fans for the fact that the technical hitches prevented our artistes from performing the way she had wanted to on the night” this statement was made when the management team of Sherifa Gunu met a section of the entertainment media in their Dome residence last Friday to present their displeasure  to them.

By Flex Newspaper