Skillions Records & Ebuzu Media Present Jayso's On It (Vol.1)

Ever since UK hip-hop artist, Sway screamed “Jayso’s On It” on ‘Lay Away’ (Sarkodie ft. Sway & Jayso) in 2008, the phrase has become a favorite for most of my fans. I just decided to use that phrase as the title of this project since it became popular around the same period the songs on this project were produced.


I decided to bring these songs back because I believe they could have been big songs if they were properly promoted. I mean, it is up to the artists to promote their songs but I feel like I also have a responsibility to promote my works and let the world know about my ‘hustle’. Another reason for this project is to showcase some artists that I feel deserved a chance to get heard. Some of the artists on this compilation are very big artists today and some never got an opportunity. I mixed them up so you can hear all of them out. Taking you back to the period they all started. Some of them quit music but who knows? They might bounce back after this project. For all I know, some label or management company could listen to this project and sign one of the artists. Who knows?


Volume 2 will be out soon. That will be a compilation of my favorite demos I produced for underground artists (mainly from Senior High Schools) within 2002 – 2010.


I have come a long way as a producer and an artist and I intend using the platform I have gained to support upcoming artists going through the same struggles I encountered coming up.


[[ D O W N L O A D ]]