Obiba Sly Collins


Obiba Sly Collins has proved his efficacy in a new record he has produced as part of a peace campaign he’s driving to promote love and tranquility before, during and after the upcoming National Elections (in Ghana).

The Ghanaian Veteran Musician who also doubles as the founder of Obiba Foundation, a Ghanaian-based NGO, teamed up with rising Ewe Rapper, Agbeshie and silky voice singer, Love, to record a new song titled “Asomdwe”, which in English translated from Twi means “Peace”. The song was produced by Obiba Sly Collins himself and all was played and recorded LIVE in the studio. The “Asomdwe” song would come as his 3rd song from his upcoming album “Reality” due for an official release later in the year (2016).

Sly Collins didn’t prove his dexterity in this new song as a musician but as well, he proved his versatility as a producer too – the song has a multiplicity production which includes a highlife touch coupled with zouk, gospel and a bit of an upbeat tempo (at the part where Agbeshie came in with his punchy Ewe vocals). Recorded in Twi, Ewe, Ga, Hausa, the song is tipped to be one of the lead singles from his album as it is laced with his peace tour as well.

Asomdwe is the official song I have decided to record to drive my upcoming peace tour dubbed ‘Ghana + Peace’. The tour is expected to run across various designated zones across Ghana. The need for us to promote peace during this year is very important, but again, we don’t have to just blow the peace trumpet in an election year. Peace and love is needed at all times. I’ve always represented a symbol of positivity and hardwork. If there is no peace, we all cannot work and earn in our respective enterprises. So this peace tour, you would agree with me, is not just about me, but everyone – we all need to support the movement. Very soon, I will announce the specific venues where the tour will be running through coupled with the official launch of my next album Reality. Sly Collins for peace because peace we need”, he explained.

He has released 2 songs “False Prophets” and “Don’t Tell Me” (featuring Kamelyeon) already and they are doing well on the airwaves.

You can connect with Sly Collins on social media on the following handles;

Facebook: Sly Collins

Instagram: @SlyCollins4peace

Twitter: @SlyCollinsObiba @SlyCollins2


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