Social Media Week Chat
Social Media Week Chat

Finding the balance between media popularity and online celebrity status is a landmine but Nana Aba Anamoah has found a way to make it work and that was the central point of the conversation between the Social Media Week and Nana Aba Anamoah.
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As one of the most loved media personalities online combining her passion for football (Manchester United stan), her job as a news anchor and editor as well as the need to create laughable-teaching moments where grammar is always the topic, she broke down how she has been able to stay relevant for more than a decade and continue to grow stronger.
With the ever-changing social media playground experiencing tweaks and trends on constant spin, Nana Aba’s first point was on seeing social media for what it is, an extension of ‘REAL WORLD’. She said “ I don’t follow the bandwagon of just splashing news items here without paying attention to how people feel it about it. The feedback here (varied) is mostly a reflection of the general atmosphere in the country.”
On staying relevant, she sighted ‘INTERACTION and ENGAGEMENT’ as the main pillars. She said “It’s called respect. You can’t ask people to follow you & ignore them when they tweet at you. I find that disrespectful. Data no be cheap like that. I make time 6 times a day to respond to every tweet (if I see it). Some think I have too much time but it’s just RESPECT”.
In building core following and maintaining her standing as an adorable media personality, she stated that “Errrmm I don’t have a formula to this. I believe in staying loyal to your followers by interacting actively. It’s also important not to see RTs as something out of this world. There are young people doing amazing things here. If you have the following support them by RTing.”
This goes to establish that as fast as technology keeps evolving, the most effective thing a brand can do is to keep up by interacting, engaging, supporting their online communities as well as respecting them enough to take into consideration their opinions.