Social Media Week
Social Media Week 



In 2005, a little-known network for chatting and checking on who got a new dress or bought a nice phone went live. 12 years down the line, the world has evolved and along with it, how we interact, engage, view each other, keep track of trends, learn, share ideas…the list is a long one. We don’t notice things the same way we did 4 years ago and what might have caused a stir is now something we will wave off. This is Facebook’s story and the evolution in how it (social media as a whole) affects the world is more palpable than ever now.
The beauty of this change however is not the change in our views or being up to date with trends but the brilliance that comes with how the things we care about, our expressive thoughts and the ways and means through which business is now done. A business that would have taken months to start now starts within days.
Social Media Week, the biggest global social media conference platform will be coming to Ghana for the first time to inspire conversations about how we have moved from finding businesses through classifieds to making friends through shared frustrations. SMW is a worldwide industry platform and network done through global city-to-city conferences. It is aimed at giving professionals at the intersection of media, marketing and technology the insights, ideas and opportunities they need to advance themselves and their organizations in a globally connected world of social media. The global footprint of the event is staggering – over 22 cities, 75000 attendees and 10000 speakers which translate into 250000 social media mentions annually with a reach of 600 million.

Accra, and in effect Ghana is bustling with the drive to grow its relevance on the global scene. Industries are expanding, the startup culture is at an all-time high! Young people have become more discerning, and everyone is thirsty to benefit from this boom. We are bringing together industry players to have a discourse that enlightens everyone involved in this event
From September 11th to 15th, various segments of society will be engaged, ranging from Big Brands, SMEs, the Tech Industry, through to NGOs and the Arts and Entertainment Industry. There will be several masterclasses, training sessions, workshops, etc to help these segments improve their use of social media for its various purposes. Accra’s connection will come to life! And we will do it while showing the world every amazing feature that Ghana, but has not managed to show. Social Media Week, Accra is headline by EchoHouse Ghana Ltd, and supported by Pulse Creatives.
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