Social Media Week
Social Media Week

The global media and marketing platform, Social Media Week was finally launched in Accra today at the Accra Mall. The launch event which drew over 300 people to the Accra Mall food court had in attendance, industry leaders, agency heads among media personnel. The week-long event dubbed, ‘ACCRA IS CONNECTED’ will take place at the Accra Mall from 11th to 15th September and will host speakers from academia, corporate Ghana, media among other areas. 

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CEO of EchoHouse, Beryl Agyekum speaking to the importance of the internet and why the agency decided to organize such an event said, “The internet has created 1000s of virtual shops that have no physical location, no physical stock, but huge purchase traffic. Today, when you put out content, your audience is the world. This week, Social Media Week is affording us the opportunity to change the narrative of “MY EMPLOYER COULD BE ON YOUR TIMELINE, RT” 

Social Media Week
Social Media Week

Vodafone Ghana CEO, Yolanda Cuba spoke on the ‘Get 1000 Businesses online’ initiative that seeks to introduce 1000 informal businesses to social media. The initiative kicked off right after the launch and has volunteers moving from market to market to help and make social media friendlier.

Steered by Anita Erskine, the event had Marketing Manager of the Accra Mall, Denise Asare, the Mayor of Accra, Hon. Mohammed Adjei Sowah as well as a representative from the Communication Ministry share why their various outfits support the Social Media Week, Accra. 

The lineup activities for the week are as follows:

  • Day 1 which is the 11th of September is the kickoff event and has been categorized into three main parts namely;
  1. Launch and unveiling of street museum at Tetteh Quarshie
  2. Market storm – Get 1000 businesses online
  3. 140 character CV
  • Day 2 which is the 12th of September is about content creation and has been categorized into two main parts; namely;
  1. Pursuing a digital career in Ghana
  2. Using LinkedIn for Professional Brand Enhancement
  3. Creating Content That People Love
  4. The power of twitter
  • Day 3 which is on the 13th of September will be about tech and media and has been categorized into three main parts; namely;
  1. Twitter Masterclass
  2. The future of the media
  3. The Ghana case study
  4. Corporate Women Mentorship Session
  • Day 4 which is on the 14th of September will be about SMEs and Big Brands. This has been categorized into three main parts, namely;
  1. SME Clinic
  2. Managing Your Finances
  3. Google Masterclass
  4. Brands Changing the Status Quo
  5. Social media is a 360 business


  • Day 5 which is on the 15th in September and is also the final day comes with arts, fashion and entertainment and it’s been categorized under
  1. Making Money Off Content People Love
  2. Instagram Runway
  3. Accra Is Connected Concert

To attend or be a part of the event, visit, to book a seat.