It’s sad but this is our situation right now as an industry where those put in charge of us don’t care about us but rather care about their personal belly.

Dem belly full yet dem hungry.

I have observed Socrates and his dealings with Zylofon for some time now and it is clear and obvious that his interest and love for the Zylofon CASH has grown intimately well.

Before Socrates was given the position at NCC he was as part of his work TRANSLATING India soap opera’s from Indian language to the Twi language something we spoke vehemently against because we believed it will affect the industry in the long term but he selfishly said he had to eat so F the industry.

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Before he started the Translation job he was producing Hot Fork & Kyewaa and he was selling well but his colleagues were complaining and when he was asked about the complaints he said his colleagues were not being smart but he was using the “Gorilla tactics”.
Soon he join the complaining wagon because he had also gotten to the stage his colleagues were complaining of lol something he could not envisage from afar and that is myopic.

Now we all fought for him to become the Deputy Minister for Creative Arts because of his experience in the industry and his loyalty to his party but they refused and gave him the Chairman for the NCC which we all agreed.

Since he went there all he has done is to organize events including bikini wear night with the Coat of Arms on it.
Now what I can say is that he has abandoned his work at NCC and now working full-time at Zylofon in fact he is now using a Zylofon car instead to his NCC pick up.
He facilitates everything NAM mission and makes sure he arranges all the Meetings with the Minister and big men for NAM.

My shock was when I saw the Minister at NAM’s office which should have been the other way round but what can one say when we live in a country where money is valued more than Values.
I have always advocated for us to respect institutions and not individuals so from day one I felt Zylofon should have visited the institutions he wanted to work with eg Ghamro, MUSIGA, Fipag etc and Learn but no it was the other way round where you had the Heads of the institutions running to his office just because he has Money and Nothing about Values. Ask yourself why has the Minister and the rest NOT visited other record labels in their offices well this will be a debate for another day.
The effect of not doing the right things is what is affecting Zylofon today like reducing their Zylofon cash from 300ghc to 100ghc for 3 uploads whiles a huge brand like YouTube is doing it for free for as many uploads as possible and the question is ” who does that” if not for the fact that he has surrounded himself with “YesMen” who will even suggest 500ghc for up and coming/underground Artist.
Like I keep saying YesMen will only lead you Naked to the podium.

Now back to Socrates you see I don’t care if he decides to sleep in NAM 1 garage because that is his own cup of sobolo BUT I do care about how he runs the NCC looking at his busy schedule with NAM mission now so they should just relieve him of his post so he can concentrate on his NAM mission before we turn our guns to the Presidency and Ministry.

Our industry is at the intensive care unit and it needs full attention from Highly trained Doctors with experience NOT quack Doctors who can only do surgery on the Buttocks n Breast.

We are waiting impatiently for his resignation since the conflict of interest will only jurpadice the industry which is already in Coma.

#VhimMoveMent.this one is titled “My Joana” and it features Boggy Wenzday. The song was produced by Prezdoe Beatz.

By Enock Agyepong