BBT frontliner Soorebia and one of Northen Ghana’s most celebrated Rapper – Soorebia has released a freestyle ahead of his major single set to be released within the first quarter of 2018. The freestyle titled ‘KiiMaDom’, is an amalgamation of the the words ‘kiima’ which translates ‘Elder/Senior’ and the English word ‘Kingdom’. As the first artiste to Rap in his native gurune (Frafra) Language, Soorebia is already revered by many and celebrated by multitude of music lovers across the country.

His style of music which is a blend of Frafra, English and sometimes a bit of Kasem, has placed him on a higher pedestal when it comes to Rap Music in Ghana. Born Martin Mbabil Soore, he has become a household name in the Northern part of Ghana, as he has dedicated to craft to delivering to quality music that extend beyond geographical, linguistic or even dialectal barriers.

Soorebia has won the hearts of many, won several awards by awards schemes organized in the northern part of Ghana, and is continuing to push his limits across the country with his never-heard-before African sound.

His latest song which is a freestyle which is produced by AzkonnaBeatz, begins with a street boy showering praises on him and chanting His musical prowess. This signifies how deep his music has been appreciated by people on the street who have little time to listen to music. The song then follows with a bar-for-bar verse from soorebia, with a heart-out expression of his dedication, journey and the love of God that has kept him souring to higher heights in his music career. The three minutes and thirty- four seconds song (00:03:34) has soorebia rapping his heart out, combining metaphors, similes and punning with words so as to give listeners a deeper meaning and understanding of the message he is putting across. The song concludes with the same street guy reiterating his message, and asking listeners to consider his bragging/praises justified as they (listeners) have listened to Soorebia.

Soorebia – KiiMaDom (Freestyle) [DOWNLOAD]
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