Education is a useful path on the journey to greatness and many have taken that path, at the Soul Clinic International School, over the past 50 years.

The school which this year, marks its fiftieth year in existence, earlier in the year, rolled out some plans for the celebration, while unveiling the commemorative logo. The activities which were aimed at creating memories, educating stakeholders on the 50 years of Soul Clinic and celebrating those who have made the walk possible, have so far gone smoothly and attracted the anticipated excitement.

With an anniversary campaign focused on pupils and students of the school, the opportunity has been given to many pupils to share their thoughts on our society, through the media. These opportunities has resulted in pupils of the school, adding their voices to conversations on Citi Fm, Class Fm, Joy News and other reputable media outlets. A plan that is set to keep rolling through the year.

In the bid to give the public and parents a glimpse of what goes on at Soul Clinic and what the school’s journey has been like, the directorate has set out to executive produce, a series of visuals and audio visuals that tell the story.

A few days ago, the school released the first in a row of three audio-visuals, which featured pupils in a state of glee. The short docu-video directed by Fara-Farai Awindor has not only told a story, but also brought joy to the public, parents and the kids themselves