Social Media Week
Social Media Week

Dear Startup,

We love your enthusiasm and respect your hustle. We appreciate your daring spirit and commend your resolution to take this path. You’ve made it this far, learned a lot; from taking decisions to chasing after clients and then making sure your end product always meets the mark. However, the journey is long and you’ll need all the help you can get along the way. You’ll need the tried and tested advice of experts, the shortcuts that get the work done faster and easier as well as network with potential customers, clients and even investors. You therefore need to be at the Social Media Week, Accra. If you need further convincing, here you go;

Help Desk: It is hard enough chasing clients to compound it with worrying about the day-to-day running of your business. For every new client or contract you get, it is important you get the fine details looked at by a legal expert while crafting the best marketing solutions that will push your business to the next level among others. These simple and easier administrative functions will be one of the things you can get sorted when you come for Social Media Week, Accra. With a funding and loan facility desk, legal, marketing, HR and registration (Registrar General’s Department) desk all set to help make your dream a reality, we have everything covered.

Content Monetization: Understanding and knowing how much the content you create online can fetch you is important for a website or blog and marketing or creative agency. It helps you understand what your audience like and how to turn the content you create into money to pay bills. With 36.6 million Ghanaians having access to the mobile and 4.6 million of them actively using social media, every engaging content should be able to fetch you some coins. It is therefore imperative to learn from organizations with the magic wand and know how to get heads turning and nodding after every view or read. Social Media Week, Accra is therefore giving startups the opportunity to up their game and earn something from their content.

140 Character CV: Like it or not, your online presence is essential to the growth of your business. It is your best interface to the world, it is the first point of contact for feedback and therefore needs to be taken care of. The reputation of your business should be something that you don’t mess with and something that shouldn’t suffer. Hence, the HR of Vodafone Ghana, HR Experts from L’aine Services as well as Ashesi University’s Kajsa Hallsberg Adu will be sharing the stage to talk about your online presence and how you can create a brand that will continue to define your consumer experience.

Hope this finds you well and very helpful. As we move to a digital world, your survival or growth is online and nothing defines the Ghanaian online experience than Social Media where news breaks with the speed of light and good news become a communal celebration. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn from people who have gone through the mill and understand where you are coming from.

PS: Don’t miss 11th to 15th September for anything. It promises to be fun and insightful.