World-wide performer cum singer, Stephanie Benson has premiered by far the official video for the greatest and most talked about wedding song ‘it’s all about love’ of the century anyone may possibly come across on Joy Prime TV with Becky on E with Becks. According to her, she reflected on 30 years of her marriage, as a result she felt making a commitment to somebody for that long is hard and to feel the same way for each other after 30 years was worth composing the song for herself and husband as plus anyone who can relate. Essentially the song talks about people making commitment to each other in every endeavor of life as well as family.

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In response to continuous negative remarks from critiques, she stated her reasons for engrossing in her free-will fashion sense; according to her, she does most of her gigs for wealthy people (billionaires) in UK and USA therefore she can’t turn up in just any outfit because she has been paid 5 figures to perform. For that reason she needs to look a certain way (better) to fit the various gigs she’s booked to perform. Mind you, most of the dresses she wears are customised outfit from top fashion designers from UK. The way she projects herself regulates the amount of money she gets and the calibre of people she performs to.

The gratified mother of 5 stated sang praises about her children been very proud of her. She actually mentored her oldest daughter, Stooshe to be one of the biggest and most successful artists in UK with great hit songs. According to the ‘it’s all about love’ singer, she is widely held in UK music industry because of her oldest daughter. Stooshe is so stunning that she had 4 top 10 in the UK, worldwide and so many different nominations. Stephanie recalled her days when she was play all the big gigs. She also logged in that, her children understand the music industry, and they understand her; they typically know the kind of person their mother is and they appreciate her for that.

Wrapping up the interview, she wants critiques to understand that she is who she is because of her children. People need to appreciate who she is as an artist, where she is coming from and why she is who she is because she has been able to raise 5 amazing strong children who are working class individuals taking care of their selves contentedly in their various houses.