Stephanie Benson
Stephanie Benson

Speaking with BeenieWords, she emphatically affirmed “I’m not perfect. I never feel the need to criticize anyone, but if others feel the need to do so with me, I will always turn a negative criticism into a positive. But one thing I will never do is change myself for anyone. If I have to change who I am to be a role model then I do not deserve to be one”

There are many occasions critiques have crucified globally known jazz songstress Stephanie Benson for her stress – free, adventurous lifestyle, aplomb, ambiguity and disagreement. What it means is, ordinarily most women in the showbiz circle shy away from criticism but concise and emphatic Stephanie Benson begs to differ.

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On that note, let’s not turn blind eyes on the fact that, the creative circle is a competitive market. There’s no way you’ll fit in unless you stand out. To do that, it takes packaging, identifying target audience, strategic marketing and distribution plans, standout and unique image selling factor as well as staying original. That’s exactly what her brand has fed off over the years. On the contrary, had it not been her trait, staying original and true to herself by not following the crowd she wouldn’t have been this relevant and influential.

Enough with the negatives, focus of this article is to point out few reasons she will still be who she is and influential regardless of circulating perceptions and rumors about her. Here are 4 reasons :

• She has her own priorities, views about life, taste of preference as well as she’s entitled to personal opinion, choices and owns up to responsibilities. I’ll single out her brand image as a topic for discussion to establish a point. Ideally, before any individual (focus on artists) chooses a befitting brand the person already has an image in mind. Together with management team they evaluate and project it.

• Her husband, children, family and die – hard fans appreciate her artistry, what she represents and most importantly her imperfections is embraced. When one majors in a craft and become a connoisseur at it, he/she surely attract fans, lovers and supporters unconditionally. That being said, she’s always gingered up and busy to work harder, achieve her goals and put Ghana on the map with the support of the people mentioned above.

• She’s an accomplished composer, performer, voice coach, philanthropist and successful businesswoman.

• History can never be erased, she has captivated figures of earth – shattering pedigree including British royal household’s Prince Charles, Princess Anne and Prince William. The records are there to validate these facts but how many people are talking about it?

Instead of industry players coming together to collectively to reason up on how to get her talk business with foreign investors to pump monies into the creative industry to give it a colorful and respectful outlook based on her global exposure and connects. They are rather channeling that same energy, time and ideas to criticize her. It’s beautiful to appreciate people beyond our perceptions, how they looks, hearsays, what we expect of them and rather direct our focus and attention on mutual benefits and future possibilities.

To close the chapter, in case you don’t know, she is still putting Ghana on the global map. She recently joined forces with her old UK band, to record an album of Rock Steady music titled “City on Fire”. The said album just hit 160 countries. After 27 years, the creatives have started touring again, getting great reviews and readying to rock festivals.

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