Former manager of Stonebwoy, Mr Karl Kplorla Gidiglo has responded to accusations & comments raised by the Dancehall act in a recent interview he granted on Accra based radio station – HitzFm.
He stated…..
“My attention has been drawn to a statement made by Stonebwoy on Hitz FM, that I have been struggling with my artiste ever since I parted ways with him and Burniton Music Group ( a record label we built together and I managed). He would recall that the purpose for creating and supporting the very label that has given him the stage he enjoys currently was to power the music industry here in Ghana and Africa with him headlining and providing a platform for up and coming artiste such as Eye Judah, DXD and many others to grow and develop. Much as I wouldn’t want to put the reason we parted ways here, It is quite disappointing and frankly laughable to suggest that i dropped from his team and somehow forcefully or inappropriately convinced Eye Judah to leave his brand. My decision to manage Eye Judah was borne out of that same selfless desire I exhibited to support his brand as manager to ensure that his talent gets unleashed and his potential maximised for the good of the industry. This needless and unprovoked attacks on me and my team exposes his deep insecurity about his place in the music industry. Freedom Cry Records remain focused on our agenda to keep making good music and refuse to be distracted by such claims. There is an appropriate medium to communicate our plans and we use these channels accordingly. Followers on social media, fans and some media houses are well aware of Freedom Cry Records and the projects we have underway: Only time will tell.
My contractual agreement with Eye Judah is between us and there is no need to question his commitment and loyalty. We are working hard and ready to drop our blazing album(#Genesis) shortly.
As a former manager who has sacrificed a lot to build the Bhimnation brand I will always wish him well since I am not in the business of pulling down but always building up.
May God help us all.”
Karl Kplorla Gidiglo
General Manager
Freedom Cry Records