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Stop chasing Hit Songs and do Good Music

Enock Agyepong
Enock Agyepong

Music is business and it is not all about making hits especially in a system where most hits go waste in terms of monetary value.

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Many of our artist today are searching for hits because they believe without a hit they can’t make it in the industry but that’s completely false. The truth is there is no formula to making a hit song and even experts till date don’t know how hit songs come about. Fact is only a few artists will make a hit song so why waste your time chasing one.

Unfortunately majority of the hit songs we produce in Gh today are useless songs and do not make any impact when they cross our borders and I believe this is as a result of the way our industry is moving in no direction.

Over the years some greedy DJs have collected monies aka Payola from artist that produce useless songs and have played these useless money induced songs to become acceptable by listeners by force so the average listener cannot even tell what a good song is.
You watch Music videos on TV and those who can afford are those that do mediocre songs and after a while our people accept mediocrity as perfect and that is where we are today.
Most of the songs that our people are accepting as hit songs now are so useless you can’t do anything with it but you can’t blame their sense of judgment after it has been reduced to that level.

My point is a bass guitarist in Ivory Coast and a Saxophonist in Senegal is making a lot of money so why can’t we realize that music is business that goes beyond just hit songs.

My little advice is keep doing good music so that when you get your dream Hit Song it will not be classified as a useless Hit Song.