Management of the revived music duo, Wutah made of Wutah Kobby and Afriyie, NKZ music, headed by our very own rapper, Guru and his brother Mark Nelson has expressed its utmost displeasure over what its described as ‘Unscrupulous Misconduct’.

Performing a remix, re-up, or what is widely unknown in Ghana as “Refix” of ones favourite song, is an inappropriate act which with time has developed to be part of us.

Following the release of its official second single after long awaited resurrection, Wutah’s ‘Bronya’ miraculously has been become the number one song in the country, with heavy rotation plays from every speaker around the corner.

The widely accepted song ‘Bronya’ as the title translate to English “Christmas” is one masterpiece tipped by the music experts to be the official song for this year’s X’mas festival. Sadly, the faith of the song is in a state of dilemma following multiple releases on unapproved remixes and re-recordings.

Checks from the world’s top search engine – Google produces some results of which the General Manager of NKZ Music who gave his name as Mark Nelson called ‘unapproved’

The various versions of the song created by some unknown persons without prior approval from the right owners creates a very disturbing situation.

Management of Wutah – NKZ Music called for a stop to such acts; calling on all persons who wish to creates their version of the grand hit song to consult the management before doing so.