Enock Agyepong
Enock Agyepong

You respect Beyoncé but disrespect Wendy Shay and you think you’re normal No you’re Not, you are simply suffering from what we call inferiority complex which is a mental state of Not believing in yourself.
Fact is the Americans believed in Beyoncé and that’s the effect it had on you to believe in her without you knowing it.
Nobody will come and believe in your Wendy Shays unless you do it yourselves because whether you like it or not these are your superstars and it ends there ni mu PHD gyimeee Syndrome nu.
Every industry has its local stars so support yours.

Last week 3Music made us super excited when Ezekiel Tetteh shared on his wall that they were going to broadcast Music Videos of our local Artist for FREE. We gave them all the applause they deserved.

This week Ezekiel Tetteh disrespected Kumerica by telling them their Time will soon pass simply because they probably didn’t submit their videos and therefore they 3Music won’t show them and the response to that statement was that did Drake submit his videos that they 3Music are showing? if not then Kumerica will delete 3Music from their TV Channels list for Disrespecting their brand.

The Ezekiel Tetteh I know will not post such stuff under normal circumstances and I believe regardless he must eat the humble pie and Apologize for disrespecting Kumerica just like he asked the VGMA Board to apologize to 3Music when one of the Board Members Nii Ayiteh made a similarly demeaning statement towards their brand.

The mentality of our DJs, Presenters & Gatekeepers thinking that without them the Artist is Nobody is the reason why our Industry is in deep sh*t today and as broke as a Church mouse.

Ok let’s give it to them that indeed they have created all the stars now tell me if the industry is Rich, NO it’s Broke and that’s what that mentality has to show in fact those who are making it today did NOT go through their hands talk of the Shatta’s using social media, the Kumerican all over Trace, MTV etc and currently Black Sheriff.

Can any single mainstream DJ or Presenter tell me how he contributed to Black Sheriff’s Hit Sermons, NONE yet they saw him when he was begging them for airplay and without shame you’ll see them today clamoring for interviews and bragging with him on their gbem* shows.

Sorry for my harshness this Monday morning but sometimes you must say it as it is so things can CHANGE for the better.

Currently Shatta is the first Ghanaian to be nominated by MTV awards for his collaboration with Beyoncé and in an interview on one of our local stations Hitz the Presenter aka Don was teasing Shatta that when was the last time he made a Hit song as if his life depended on Hits. I was shocked to the bone because that feature with Beyoncé will forever be a Biggest Hit. The saddest part is that the presenter’s definition for a hit song will probably be a highlife like My Level and so wu dwini hu aaa wunti asi3.

In Shatta’s response he said I don’t make music for your industry but for my SM fans simply meaning he Respects his fanbase more than your industry which is the TRUTH since your Industry has lost the Potency to Create Hits.

Like I said earlier the Presenter feels he is a superstar more than the Artist so why won’t he look down on him when in actual sense the Artist is the Superstar.

Respect is Reciprocal.
I’ve watched or listened to American and Nigerian Presenters interview their Artist and their humble demeanor towards them is so beautiful and that humbling nature is automatically reciprocated by the Artist without him knowing it.
Their interviews are full of promoting the Artist, friendliness and laughter till the end and they make you understand that it was a privilege to have the Artist in their Studios which served as good content ultimately.

Come down to almighty GH and listen to our Presenters interview our Artist and it’s as if the Artist in court pleading for not guilty to the extent that the Presenter wants to find faults with the Artist so he can use it for negative headlines to make the Artist feel bad.
It’s as if in this part of the world someone must fall for one to stand when in other worlds people believe that the can stand together and win together.

This looking down on Artist Attitude by our Superstars presenters is what has completely messed up this small industry because the ego of the Artist will naturally rebel and this chaos is what we’re living with.

I watch how Ebuka of Nigeria uses his Show called the BLACK BOX to solve beefs between their Musicians and his humble demeanor is simply adorable.

Come down here and you’ll see how Presenters rather use their Shows to Create confusion between Artists just for their personal trends and leaving the entire industry to suffer from the that mess.

As it stands now you cannot tell me a single Show that can make you an instant Star after you’ve appeared on it and it’s because the industry have become impotent in the creation of stars so you’ll rather see them promoting senselessness just for trends.

Another example from Nigeria is the Show called JUICE and trust me as soon as you appear on that Show you’re made A Superstar and again the humbling demeanor of the Presenter is impeccable.

Fact is Everybody in this Showbizness is a Superstar but everyone is suppose to be in his own lane in fact we all run in parallel lines and so seeing a certain group trying to lord themselves over another group is just impossible and until we learn to remain in our lanes and respect each other for who he or she is the industry will continue to be in shitty poverty and all of you go continue dey die out of poverty combined with hunger.

I’ve witnessed presenters & gatekeepers putting Top Artists on their boards and chopping them into pieces just because the Artist didn’t pick their call or didn’t appear on his show in the past or some flimsy excuse like that.

Let’s Change our ways and use our gatekeepers role to project the industry positively instead of being a stumbling block for our Artist to jump over us through the Windows and over the walls to the world because when they finally get out there they’ll owe you No Respect and in the end you’ll be the loser because when an Artist disrespects you it cuts deeper than you the presenter disrespecting him simply because the masses listen to his music.

A word to the wise is in the South so take it and Change the trajectory.