Kofi Kinaata
Kofi Kinaata

Relationships in 21st century has myriads of manual; some people are still hooked on to some relationships that are causing them a lot of emotional trauma with the perception that “the devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know.”

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Multiple award winning Artiste Kofi Kinaata, has advised that there is life after every break up. “Your life will not come to an abrupt stop when you break up with someone. There is life after break up so stop holding on to people who don’t even recognize your presence and value” Kofi Kinaata admonishes in a new song titled ‘Single and free.’

“I have no more fight in me when it comes to friendship and relationship. Just go if you want to go, I’m tired” a verse in the ‘Single and free’ song by the Songwriter of the year (Kinaata) says.

According to Kinaata, this song will be the anthem for those who are suffering traumas in relationships. “This song will speak for a lot of people. I do songs that people can relate, all my songs tell real stories that is why they become hits when I release them. This is another song that will also speak for a lot of people who are suffering in relationships” Kofi Kinaata told.