“All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy” The BnW Switch On Groove maiden edition took place on the 19th of December, 2014 at Community 10 near Kiknaks before Monte Carlo in Tema.

Bnw 2
The main aim of the occasion was to bring people from the corporate world and other business sectors to coming together to transact business, socialize, dine and dance together with some appointed celebrities to grace the event.
On that faithful evening the turn of events was overwhelming as enthusiast throng the event to have a feel of what was advertised ahead of the time. The show began with musical performance by JM de Voice which was to the admiration of the patrons.

Tigo Ghana which was a sponsor of the event also took the chance to advertise some of the products that they had available and gave out goodies to customers who were subscribed to the network.

The BnW crew made available chess titans, pool table, monopoly, scrabble and dominoes to help ease tension to be able to help patrons interact with each other. A fashion show took place which displayed different design wear which were also made available for sale.
In all this the event was a success and the main aim of meeting and socializing was achieved. Hope to see you soon at the next event in Accra.