Supreme Africa Records, a division of Supreme Africa Limited; a record label which seeks to unearth talents across the country has currently signed five artistes to their credit. The Company (Supreme Africa Limited), which is an amalgamation of a Record label, Recording studio, Construction and Investment Company has been in existence for a period of time. 

The Record label has a keen interest in helping artists grow and progress in their musical career. Through the collaborative efforts of the company’s administrators and music industry experts, the Record label (Supreme Africa Records)- which is an annex of the company has been able to sign five artistes including JFormula  (Click here to JFormula – Fr3 No), Pixels,Kofi Syrup(Click here to listen to Kofi Syrup, Kofi FyneBoy(Click here to listen to Conversationby Kojo Fyne) and Magnet.

Supreme Africa, as part of their Corporate Responsibility is into Artiste Management; develop and re-investing in talents as well as booking and production of every genre of music. According to the Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Jackson Osei Darko, the central aim of signed their artiste is to ensure their music and performance receive a high level of exposure to the audience not forgetting producing good and quality content.

Currently, their Full Production House  is situated in Kasoa,This include a house for where the Artists reside ,a complete Office and  their Recording Studio where all activities are undertaken through a network of administrators and support coordinators; their Recording Studio is open to all and sundry at the moment; working very hard to please the ears of eager listeners.