A quote taken from the single “Motherland” which depicts exactly what the motherland really means to him. His love for Africa in general is immeasurable, especially knowing there is more to him than just being German born. His love for the motherland heightens and his love and connection to Ghana remains deep rooted.
T.O. comments: “Yes we have a dual heritage however there will always be a dominant side which is Ghana. Not that we are less proud of the other heritage both sides are highly appreciated and have positively impacted us. Our genesis is Ghana the Motherland, because the first culture we came in contact with was the Ghanaian culture, be it food, music or fashion. As a result, our heart and passion will always be with our Motherland Ghana, which we are pound to represent and shout about.”
“Hearing the ‘Motherland’ instrumental for the first time was with ManLikeStunna and the first word that came to mind, was actually the same title our producer already chose to name the instrumental. Our producer heard the instrumental prior and thought Motherland is the perfect name after hearing the steelpan and the horns melodies at the beginning of the instrumental. The two instruments put together calls for immediate attention. What happened next was the masterpiece we call the Motherland.

It all seems like Destiny waiting to happen considering Terry and ManLikeStunna, both broke into the German music scene with shigege in 2012, which was a huge success in the Azonto era. 7 years later they back and ready to take the music scene by storm with their latest single Motherland which is available on all stream platformsing.

Link to all streaming platforms: https://terryosei.lnk.to/Rs3fNIN

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