After a series of promoting their new single through a series of colourful posters and massive visual campaign by TymlessTv and ToffiTv of Switzboiz about the controversial number 69 which saw lots of people from all walks of life giving their opinions and expressing their views on the number 69 . It was quite interesting to hear some of the comments people had to say and also seeing  Tymless and Toffi having fun interviewing people on the street.

Check Out : Lord Paper – Like God F**k Up (Feat Wanlov Kubolor) (Prod. By Trilla)

The date has finally been set for the release of their second single produced by Kaywa and Unklebeats.


Toffi states that west Africans will be seeing a lot of him personally after the release date and he will be touring Ghana and Nigeria to put in more  ground work and make the Switzboiz brand more visible through radio and tv interviews and mostly doing lots of performance.


Tymless states that the single 69 will establish the band Switzboiz as a major force to be reckoned with in the music industry both in Africa and abroad.


We are here to stay which  is the main reason we are giving the single 69 up for free download for an expansion of our fan Base.

We belive on the 9th of November music lovers will get to experience a new sound from Switzboiz.