Inspired by his passion for uniting Africans through music, T‑ben Miller brings you his fresh debut album ‘Man Like Nkrumah’.

His vibrant afro-pop tunes speaks about mental strength and pride, and freedom from oppression. Not afraid to talk about major themes in his music, T‑ben Miller explains “I strongly believes that in order for Africans to stand strong, Africans need to free themselves from mental slavery and no one can help us except ourselves.” His passion and determination ring true in this highly produced 7 track album, with stunning features from Ella Naise and AMG Medikal.

T‑ben Miller’s signature sound is created by creating complex layers that he encourages fans to attach their own meaning to and develop their own interpretations of. Influenced by Fela Kuti and Burna Boy, his music strives to unite his listeners against oppressive forces.

T‑ben Miller’s unique music style allows listeners to discover the hidden messages as he sings which is a catalyst to the future of the Afro pop genre.

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