Teflon Flexx
Teflon Flexx

Ghanaian singer Teflon Flexx has finally released his sophomore EP titled Love From The East.
After being pushed back a couple of times fans finally get to enjoy the masterpiece of a project.
The EP features Fameye and Kelvyn Boy with producer Babawvd the only producer on the project.
Teflon initially didn’t think he needed features but reveals a divine revelation tilted him towards featuring the two singers.

Stream: https://li.sten.to/avQyGIA

“I didn’t really need features on the EP, at first I wanted the ep to be only me but after listening to some two particular songs on the ep the names of Kelvyn Boy and Fameye kept ringing bells in my ears, I saw it as a Divine revelation so I went after it and as usual they absolutely killed it”

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One interesting fact on the EP is that all songs were produced by BabaWvd, and it is no surprise that Teflon sees him as his soulmate.

“There’s a saying that everybody has a soulmate, when it comes to music BabaWvd i believe is that soulmate for me. There’s never a dull moment working with him, I have worked with him on a couple of previous projects and I loved the vibe so when it came to the ep no other person came to mind than him.”

Teflon Flexx is known for his dance singles – as one of the leads in the Ghanaian house and Amapiano scene, Teflon has always known how to rock the dance floor.
With dance hit singles Madina, Eskelebe, Sakpaska and more, one will wonder why Teflon took a calmer and subtle approach as the main theme of his EP.

“I have been doing dance music for some time now I thought it wise to change the mood and show the other side of me. Initially I was going release a highlife single “Why ft Fameye “ which has a broken heart theme but there again I didn’t want to tell the story from a sad perspective like almost everyone does when they are telling past relationship stories, I wanted to tell this story from a happy, joyful and contented perspective. How was I going to do that? I needed to go back in time, to when it all started, when the relationship was all glitter and in doing this I came up with four songs to tell the story of a broken heart. I added a bonus track which talks about me and my lifestyle. The whole EP tells one story – a young man who fell in love and got his heart broken’.”

Listening to the EP, I think fans should expect should expect coziness, romantic atmosphere with so much love and affection.

The message Teflon carries on the EP is that no matter the experience you’ve been through, be it bad or good you should always derive happiness from it regardless. Never let any bad experience affect your mood on a downside, think about the good times and move.
Listen to Love From the East from Teflon Flexx.