Terry Osei Here To Project ‘Afro Swing’ & Destiny Sounds

Destiny Sounds, a record label stationed in the UK and Germany is out to do great things in the music industry, and they have the right product to catapult the music, their brand and everything they stand for; in the name of Terry Osei!

From Hip hop to Hip life to Hip-Dia, so many genres of music have been birthed, some not lasting while others evolve with time; and one enterprising artiste is ready to alter the status quo by projecting a genre that has already gained grounds in Europe, especially the UK.

The Afro Swing, which commenced somewhere in 2017, is an amalgamation of African-influenced melodic rap hooks and Caribbean chord progressions. It borrows the percussive sounds of afro beat, the basslines of bashment and UK trap bars; and German-based Ghanaian artist, Terry Osei, also known as T.O. – is all prepped up to push it to another level.

T.O.’s authentic Ghanaian roots, which is injected in mesh of Hip-Hop/Rap, Afro beats, Dancehall and RnB, encapsulated as Afro Swing – is heavily felt in his single, ‘Boomerang’, which was released in January, 2019.

As a singer, songwriter and producer, T.O., who is signed to Destiny Sounds Label, also brands himself with another moniker, ‘ARTrapreneur’ which demonstrates his artistic qualities as an Artist, Rapper and Entrepreneur!

On the critically acclaimed ‘Boomerang’ single, the artiste stated; “I believe temptation is something we all face as we go through life. The difficult part is being able to resist it! Using a boomerang as an example, if you throw a “Boomerang” it always comes back again. Another example is having cravings or addictive personality regardless how hard you try to overcome it, at times it just creeps back. There are many boomerangs which I use as a metaphorical expression for temptation in the song. From experience, Prayer and self-belief are the only thing that will keep you away from such temptations.”

He first made headlines in Europe when he and his former music partner “ManLikeStunna” released the song “Shigege” in 2012. Due to T.O.’s passion for music, he sacrificed his academic career to pursue and focus on his music career. He already has an EP to his name, ‘7 Crowns’ and is feverishly working on a new single, ’Motherland’ – set for release in the second quarter of this year.

He is first recording artiste signed for the UK/Germany –based Destiny Sounds Company, a conglomerate which houses a record label, a production company, Lost Saints Entertainment, and a Football Agency.