Tha BlackBoi – Mini Yaano

The latest offering from Uptown Energy Records sees newest member, THA BlackBoi release his first single since joining the label in 2012.“Mini Yaano” means “What’s going on?” in the Ghanaian Ga language.  Born in Accra, THA BlackBoi effortessly fuses punchy Pigin English, Twi and Ga lyrics and a rousing chorus to Cabum’s beat production.

We predict that this song is set to be the next anthem to win the hearts and minds of those who can resonate with its message – to continue daring to dream and working toward achievements despite inevitable obstacles.  The song charts THA BlackBoi’s journey from the town where he was raised, Sunyani (Sun City), to becoming the latest Ghanaian hip hop sensation with his infectious yet clear delivery.

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Producer: Cabum (@cabumonline)
Single artwork: Blaq Game of Wood Productions.  Finishing by Waya.

“I wanted to tell my story, for people to hear my experiences and also wanted to represent the hustle, the growth and the changes that I have gone through on the way to success.  I deliberately kept the freestyle sound in the verses to demonstrate this.”
THA BlackBoi

Uptown Energy Records is home to many exciting talents such as the legendary Yaa PonoShuga KwameObotantim Kwabota to name a few.



Tha BlackBoi – Mini Yaano