It was a beautiful Saturday morning, only half awake by the beautiful songs sung by the early birds. I could feel the anxiety and the anticipation building within me for the upcoming event The B.A.R 2 Concert. After experiencing the grates Hip-hop concert ever introduced in GH by The B.A.R (E.L) you should understand I couldn’t expect any less but to experience history in the making by this music maestro which is EL.

The time was finally up for me to leave home for the concert, and then came the biggest challenge “what to where (I bet ma girls can relate)”. Judging from last years’ experience wearing heels will not permit me to reach the level of euphoria (excitement) I intended to reach. Well, how fair will it be if I don’t give you my final decision on the cloths; I went with the all black theme, since that is my favorite song on the B.A.R 2 mixtape, I top that up with sneakers, hell yeah that’s what I did. My natural hair on fleek with just a little yellow highlight to keep it interesting. Which actually is the true and natural beauty of an African woman, the natural beauty that’s fade-less and the skin color that shines and glitters so brightly. But is quite maladroit, unhandy, clunky and cranky how some African girls do not cherish the natural, pureness and blackness of African beauty. So, I finally got to the World Trade Center and flashed my VVIP ticket to get the pass tag and an interesting front role seat. My mind was blown with my first peek inside, Dj Mic Smith doing his thing on the turn tables; the one, two, one, two things, got the audience moving they body to his tunes. This guy is a genius, his flair on the turn tables put chills down my spine.


It took a while for the performance to begin, but the long wait was met with an explosion of a performance which got me standing after the first verse. I could hardly believe the songs being performed where produced right here in Ghana, the intensity of the music got to peoples heart, I could hear some humming to the music even though that was the first time they were hearing it, some were also moving to the rhythm of the song. Guess our music industry have not taken their time well enough  to analyse our youths, simply because our music doesn’t send any message across the continent, and our youths are more interested in beats rather than lyrics, trust me we got so much talents in the industry, to my greatest wonderment.

I keep asking myself where are the appreciation and awards taken or given to. Are we not suppose to invest in our own? Such concerts should be held like always and be compared to that of AMA or Grammy Award. When my little cousin sis heard Life style by Yaw she asked me big sis is it his song… I thought was an American. Even though I gave her an Answer I was really sad within she never believed that a Ghanaian could do that but I don’t blame her she is use to listening to Drake and every other American music. Old Artist  passed through. The concert was maaaaad fun, they took it back to the 90’s; the era of Grand Papa Reggie Rockstone and Ex-Doe and Chicago. A massive explosion of the old school hip-hop music, this is a true history in the making. Underground artists like Yaw Nanna, Gaeter, Stunner and many others came through, the stage was lit. Lil Shaker, Jayso, M3nsa and Wanlov, Gemini , VVIP and  Kwaw Kese are some of the grand artist who blessed the stage with their outstanding performances. All this while the room was full with people on the first, second a  guess you started regretting u bdid not step out last night.


E.L performance was great yes I mean he is not just a performer he is an entertainer yes, I’m saying it he is a great Artist he is a brother you can always look up to, he’s a motivator and best of all the reason you want to keep fighting to get where you want, He performed The 10 Commandments which is actually ma favorite and that was number 7 on the B.A.R II mixtape and he is  right about everything he said, personally BAR II was history in the making, history was really made El gave us something we would never forget.I mean we the hip hop fans in Ghana should appreciate our own, to believe in our own, to trust in our own,  to have that feeling of having at least three (3) Ghanaian hip hop artist in our play list and stop criticizing them. Rather we should appreciate them, give them a reason to perform more great concert, I can’t tell how many of us that went up to them to say congratulations especially to the underground rappers. Guess only a few.  I can’t mention every Artist who came to perform or was supposed to perform be it Underground  or Famous or from Pappy Kojo to Joey B to Haywaya  to Slimbo to Jason. With all these performances, lets just marinate on that for a second. Kudos to everyone who supported The BAR and never give up on your dream. It has been an epic event  lets look up for a bigger one next year.. Bless you EL Bless THE B.A.R!

By : Ayodele Sojemina Khadyja Adeniji