First of all, what does Wright Ingram Nestor mean? Before you go and google wait and let me tell you something; u won’t find anything apart from 2 EPs from Klu ?

Now pick the first letter from each word/name I.e. W, I & N = WIN which is defined as “to be successful or victorious” in case you didn’t know


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That’s all folks ? Don’t let your thinking go too far. That be the explanation!! sorry for pidgin. I mean “that is the explanation”

In the last 6 years, there have been 2 EPs from the WIN series but as we all know and have heard from Klu himself, the 2nd sequel WIN 3 is going to be an album and his 3rd album too as a matter of fact; after his “With All Reason” & “Be Careful” albums released in 2015.

No dates yet but if you analyze critically there is a pattern with these WINS that is why I think Klu is dropping this 3rd WIN this year. (WIN EP – 1st June 2011 | WIN 2 EP – 6th March 2014 | WIN 3 – 2017…. see how there is a 3-year difference? Even though there is no official date I think we should be expecting it in March but that’s just my wild guess; let’s wait and see how it goes.

To Win you have to go hard and I think that’s exactly what Klu has done with the previous WINS. You just got to know as always that Klu is definitely bringing some heat with WIN 3 and you can’t afford to miss it.

Let’s take a look at the previous WINS

Wright Ingram Nestor EP (released on 1st June 2011)


  1. My Business (Produced By KluMOnsta)
  2. I Win (Produced By KluMonsta)
  3. Reach Out To The Sun Ft Kay-Ara (Produced By Innovataz)
  4. Pleasure N Pain (Produced By KluMOnsta)
  5. No Money No Sound (Produced By KluMOnsta)
  6. Black Klu (Produced By KluMOnsta)
  7. Tryna Get Paid Ft Boy Nash Abladzo Kwame (Produced By KluMOnsta)
  8. Delilah (Produced By KluMOnsta)
  9. Weytin Be Your Name (Produced By KluMOnsta) (album art)
  10. Untitled Thoughts Ft.Bobo Shanti (Produced By KluMOnsta

Videos off this EP were: track 1, My Business and track 7, Tryna get Paid (available on youtube)

Wright Ingram Nestor 2 EP (released on 6th March 2014)

1. Decisions (Produced By KluMOnsta)
2. Gotta Be (Produced By RickBeatz)
3. HAMGB3 Remix Featuring Gemini (Produced By KluMOnsta)
4. J.F.K.(Produced By KluMOnsta)
5. KINGKLU FOREVER (Produced By KluMOnsta)
6. Bout That Life (My Guy) Featuring KO-JO Cue (Produced By KluMOnsta)
7. A.N.S.M Featuring RickBeatz & Pwadura (Produced By RickBeatz)
8. All Love Featuring Kwame Jhosef (Produced By Kuvie)
9. #BADer (Produced By KluMOnsta)
10.Supplier [Desire] (Produced By DredWOfficial)
11.Like That (Produced By RickBeatz)
12.Range Rover (Produced By KluMOnsta)
13.New Day (Feeling Alright) Featuring FlowKing Stone (Produced By
KluMOnsta) (album art)
14.Prestige (Produced By KluMOnsta)
15.2010 Featuring Wanlov The Kubolor (Produced By KluMOnsta)

Videos off this EP were; track 2 Gotta Be, track 6 Bout that Life (My Guy) and track 7 A.N.S.M

There’s no doubt we should expect nothing but another WIN (see what I did there with the WIN? LOL) for Klu as we await “WRIGHT INGRAM NESTOR 3”

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