The truth is like a lion, you don’t have to defend it; let it loose,it will defend itself–oh Yes,truthfulness is composed of justice and courage.

Coincidentally, renowned radio presenter, Dj Premier of Accra 100.5 FM,has exposed the Ghanaian media by indicating that, the media verbally killed the careers of most of the Ghanaian celebrities.


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Speaking in an exclusive interview with, Dj premier,who was answering a question in line with how he perceives the Ghanaian media, limned astonishingly​ that, the media only thrives on negative stories or reportage which have ended up ruining the careers of most of our local stars; musicians and actors alike.

“I think the media is only thriving on negative stories or reportage…Instead of educating the public into purchasing musicians and actors’ CDs, we’ll rather spend so much time pushing an agenda that will pull them down–.Imagine how the media before the Vals day, used kwabena kwabena’s marital issues against him…. His show recorded a very low patronage when the media could have channeled their energy on helping make the show a Mega one, they rather used his marital problems against him and right after the show, no media is talking about him again, after all the agenda has been achieved”, Dj Premier opined to

Sounding extremely disenchanted, Dj Premier affirmed extensively  that the media ruined the careers of musicians like hiplife legend Tictac, D Cryme, and Nana Boroo:

,”The media is the course of the down fall of most of our local stars, be it Musician, actor or actress…how can our local musicians and actors be compared to foreign artists when all we do is spend our energy in destroying their hard earned image… The media verbally have killed the careers of some musicians like tictac, D cryme, and Nana Boroo..

Born in real life as Bismark Boachie, Dj Premier who is the host of one of the most listen to entertainment shows on radio, ‘entertainment Capital’ on Accra 100.5, every Saturday between 10am-12pm, advised that, the media should make positive news trend.