JM De Voice

Come across JM De Voice any day and he will appear to you as a strong young man but unfortunately just a name has weakened him to the grounds. Information reaching Flex newspaper has it that, given the chance, JM De Voice would change his name because his current showbiz identity is creating more problems for him than necessary and it is making him feel uncomfortable. This confusion has heightened especially at a time that he is preparing to move out onto the streets to sell his latest album Timeless which has eight banging dancehall and reggae songs.

In an interview with the executive producer and manager of JM De Voice last Monday, Mr Enoch Agyepong who doubles as the Chief Executive Officer of Speech Productions, he told Flex newspaper that though the issue has surfaced before, he never believed it could have serious consequences on them till last weekend at the beach.

“This issue of the name JM came up in the year 2010 when Joseph Mensah (Real name of JM De Voice) decided to go solo after breaking away from his Akesifour group. So we adopted the name JM and after that we heard President John Dramani Mahama had started using the name J.D.M. Even with that, we thought it was going to be used only for the campaign season and the populace would change to Mahama when the campaign ends. To our shock, the people rather changed from JDM to JM which coincides exactly with our name” he recounted to this writer how the name JM came about.

“In fact now it is no joke again when we go to town wearing T-Shirts with JM in front or behind. The rejection and the bad welcome we have been receiving have been very unbearable but it`s just too late to change. The only plea we want to send out to all Ghanaians is the fact that they should know there is another JM who is not a politician or the president of our land but a musician and an entertainer for that matter. We really want this information to go out this time because very soon we are hitting the streets of Tema and Accra to make the album accessible to all Ghanaians and music lovers” Enoch Agyepong added.

In a separate interview with JM De Voice via phone, he told Flex newspaper that is time for him to do serious publicity with his name else it would affect his future in the music industry and what he stands for. “You know Ghanaians are still growing with this democracy thing. Because of that, if they don’t like something, they hate whoever and whatever that is associated with it and this can actually harm my promotion of the album” he added.

The album timeless contains 8 wonderful songs including “it`s so crazy, hot gyal, only one” and other beautiful songs on it. The street sales of the album with some hot and sexy ladies on the streets of Tema will kick off on 4th September around Tema Motorway Roundabout, Community 3, Harbour Road and there will be a performance later in the evening at T- Havana. Get a copy of the album and you will never regret you did.

By : FlexGH