Dj Pizaro
Dj Pizaro

Disc Jockeying has been around for quite some time now. What used to be a hobby for most has evolved into a full time profession for others. DJs now learn and train themselves to be better at what they do to be ahead of the competition. Previously, DJs took a backseat at parties and events, quietly providing music to the event. This is however not the case anymore. In short DJs are now almost as famous as the musicians whose songs they play. Some names that come readily to mind are David Guetta and Calvin Harris.


In recent times, names of DJs are actually used to hype events and parties. If you know that this DJ is working at this event, then you know the type of entertainment you are going to get and this makes it easier for you to decide whether to go or not. One of the promising Ghanaian DJs is DJ Pizaro.


Pizaro is a final year Sociology student of the University of Ghana,  . Three years ago, he was influenced by his friend Kwame Gemini, a popular Ghanaian DJ to start trying his hands on DJing. Even though he has not been in the business for a long time, hardwork and his dedication to his craft has made him one of the most sort after DJs in the country earning him the title “Hottest Student DJ in Ghana” and a nomination in the recent Accra Night Life Awards


DJ Pizaro sees DJing as being more than just playing music but as an art that should be studied and mastered. Just like how musicians get into the studio and make beautiful music, Pizaro believes a DJ should also connect to the music he/she plays and deliver it as such. Pizaro learns every day to improve himself stating that “listening to another DJ play is an opportunity to learn something new”.


Pizaro can be found on Friday nights at Silver Lounge and on Saturdays at The Lexington Bar behind Paloma Hotel.  On future projects, he is currently working on his fist Mix Cd which is expected to be released in May 2013 . He added that after he is done with school in May, he will dedicate more time to DJing and other related projects.

For booking one can reach him at or +233574528532 BBM:218CE0Ef


By : David Aduama