Telesol 4G is The Rising Sun that has come to provide rays of hope with life-changing, reliable 4G and Fiber Internet services in the Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) space.
This is the country’s latest broadband internet service that is already delivering on the promise of Speed, Connectivity, Availability and Reliability (SCAR). As well as affordable rates, data rollover, and unlimited data packages. With a network across five regions already plus a commitment to expand in the next few months. Telesol’s 4G network is the proved to be the fastest in Ghana.
Speaking at the launch of Telesol 4G today, the Managing Director of Telesol, Mrs. Funmi Lamptey, said: “Telesol is focused on bridging the digital divide between Africa and the rest of the world starting from Ghana by making the global resource available through fast connectivity”.

She assured that it is possible for a wholly owned Ghanaian company can provide sustained world class service in the Nation’s foreign-dominated telecoms industry and appeals to Ghanaians to patronize Telesol’s services.
The Deputy Minister of Communication, George Andah speaking at the launch commended Telesol’s commitment to providing quality service to push Ghana’s goal of ‘Development beyond Aid’. He also made the point that the government is committed to helping the private sector address its challenges to put it on a path of growth and stated the ministry’s openness to assist Telesol to provide improved internet service to Ghanaians.

Telesol has gone beyond providing only 4G fixed and mobile internet service to Fibre Broadband services based on partnership.
As a result, Telesol is currently well positioned in Ghana to provide 4G LTE and Fibre Broadband services at affordable rate using superior end-user devices.
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This indeed is the Risen Sun giving rays of hope we need to enjoy reliable and fast data services.