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Ghana, unlike other States can boast of a handful female Rappers who have stood the test of time. There is lukewarm penetration of females into the Musical Stream of Ghana making the Rap circles male dominated. Honestly, when the word ‘rapper’ is mentioned, a Ghanaian hardly thinks of a female.

Mz Jt, 13 years of age and a student of Christ the King Junior High School is one female rapper who is receiving amazing applauds from anyone who has heard her lyrics. An English Rapper who is arguably the youngest rapper in Ghana, Mz Jt has musically proven to fans why she is a storm in music.

With her versions of ‘Headlines’ and ‘Clique’, Mz Jt has won the ears of all who have listened to her. In ‘Clique’ Mz Jt bragged why her school (Christ the King) is exceptional among others. With her diverse rap styles, she rode on the rhythm of ‘Headlines’ and lyrically ‘maltreated’ it.

With Eminem as her role model, Jacinta Addo-Badu (Mz Jt) is set to raise the measure gauge of music in Ghana. The unassailable Mz Jt is not umbrelled under any genre of music as she confidently posited that, she loves all genres of music and can do all types as well.

Mz Jt is a name that should be tipped for future blow up. Remember who told you first about this exceptional talent.


Author: Nana Kwesi Coomson (