Music and its associates has been very instrumental in the world’s day to day media engagements and all efforts put in place to bring out the best music has to offer has never been taken for granted. A new set of idea,indulgence and a mightier approach has been identified.
LABELTIZMANLINK ENTERTAINMENT began with a conversation between a father and son, Mr. Isaac Kwabena Brew and Mr. Boakye Prempeh Agyemang respectively, both of them were interested in managing upcoming artist. TizmanLink Entertainment started it operation 1st March, 2018. Mr. Brew then introduced an artist called “FAZE2” to his son as the new artist to begin with. Their first song was recorded in 19th June, 2018 titled, “MY HEART” and the idea of building such a great empire since then has never been looked down.
The fastest growing Tizmanlink entertainment Label is a record label that seeks to promote and manage the affairs of an artist signed on the record label. The record label will also serve as an event house which will organize event to help promote the artiste on the record label.
All hands has been asked to be on deck as any vital information needed to be offloaded into the media for the consumption of the masses will be done once available and ready.