Toby Tabu - Nana Yaa (Official Video)
Toby Tabu – Nana Yaa (Official Video)

Currently known for the Ebony-featured music video for ‘Ghana Lady’ broadcasted on 4Syte TV and ETV, Toby Tabu has boldly replaced his booming music career in Denmark with a new Afrobeat project in Ghana. Managed by CSA Ghana (Creative Strategic Agency) Ghana, the pioneer of reggaetón and dancehall in Denmark, Toby Tabu is deemed to reach further hights with his art in Ghana.

Toby Tabu’s latest release ‘Nana Yaa’, set in a dream world. Toby Tabu wakes up after a wild night and realizes that the lady he saw the night before is missing, he goes on a wild dreamy chase to find his ‘Nana Yaa’. Shot in Denmak, the scenes were filled with Toby Tobu’s real friends and musical colleagues in Denmark.

In Denmark, Toby Tabus record of achievements under the name ”Camilo & Grande” ranges from performing on top-level stages in Danish musical landscape to reaching millions of views and streams on platforms such as YouTube and Spotify. One single, ”Røgsignaler” was announced MTV Denmark’s ”Video of the Week” and reached 3 million streams on Spotify, which granted the artist a gold record. After pioneering Danish reggaéton and modern dancehall in Denmark, this artist has now re-shaped his musical focus and created the project, ‘Toby Tabu’.

In December, Toby Tabu peformed at 3 concerts including a live performance at national TV station GH1 and a live performance at ”Ghana Music Week” in O2 Music Arena, London. Since then he accompanied Stonebwoy on his Ghana tour where he supported several shows with live performances. TigoTribe Dansoman and Tidal Rave 2017 in Kokrobite were also live performances that sparked Toby Tabu further in the Ghanaian music industry.
Although being born and raised in Denmark, Toby Tabu’s connection to Ghana has always been very strong. He grew up with the son of Afro Moses in a small town in Denmark and Afro Moses often preached and inspired about Ghana and the musical life of Ghana. With inspiration from contemporary Afrobeat and Dancehall musicians combined with traditional Highlife this brand new project aims to inspire and visualize the ground breaking importance of realizing dreams regardless of nationality, ethnicity and religion.

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Therefore, Toby Tabu believes that instead of drawing from the potential already existing in the Ghanaian music industry he finds it more valuable to contribute to the industry by staying in Ghana and working with ”The Kings of Afrobeat”.