Seasoning modern day rapper Kiyo Dee’s “juice” video has been premiered on Trace TV. It was directed by Mo Sambo. And that’s a real deal for Kiyo and his team, because the airing has exposed him to a new market. Which means he’s far gone. This is by courtesy Speech Production, superintended by Mr. Enock Agyapong.

Kiyo Dee’s style of music is similar to water, you can’t do away with it. You’ll need it at all cost. Secret about the “juice” song is, it’s a single off his #VolumeOne mixtape. The moment you listen to his songs, he leaves you speechless, then turns you into a hardcore fan (storyteller) instantly. His second album is already cooked and getting ready to be served. That’s Kiyo for you. Hip pop, pop, afrobeat, trap, et al fans, expect on the album songs that’ll enthrall you during tedious hours.
To be on Trace TV means you’ve done something atypical. Check the official video: