Tradition Man Wolo
Tradition Man Wolo

One would perhaps ask why it took Tradition Man Wolo this long to drop an album, but as the adage goes, “God’s time is the best”, and certainly, there’s no better time than now for Tradition Man Wolo to introduce himself to the Ghanaian market with his debut album “Reggae Man”.
He shares his just-released body of work with Ghana and the world in a 9-tracked Album he titles “Reggae Man”.

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“Reggae Man” Album is a fine catalogue of 9 songs written across different topics yet appeals to all ages.

The US-based Ghanaian reggae artiste, Tradition Man Wolo reaffirms his quest to liberate the black man from the shackles of the westerners through his music.

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Just like the similar stories of many talents in Africa, Tradition Man Wolo didn’t have it easy growing up as a child who found his ideals in music. He was discouraged by his father at a very tender age when he found his interest in music. His father, just like many other African Parents, thought he would sway from formal education and skip school. But later in life, Tradition Man Wolo revived that part of him when he decided to pursue music.

Fast forward into the future, he is one of the standing voices in Reggae Music creating good content with the purpose of influencing and transforming society positively, through the power of lyrics and harmony.

“The slavery days has come back like a gunshot”, a very powerful line in his lyrics is a revolutionary song that ‘fights’ the injustice and racial profiling of the African race in The West.
He recently had a very revealing and in-depth interview with Heavy Dee of Max FM 89.7 where he gave a break-down of his album and called for the need for Africans to have renewed mind-sets and renewed policies to make Africa the heaven they always dream of. This call is something he propagated in his “Reggae Man” Album. Below is an excerpt of the interview.

Watch Excerpt of the interview:

Tradition Man Wolo, a former member of Club Tradition is an enlightened Pan-Africanist who had his secondary education in Achimota Senior High and later, Accra Academy for his sixth form. He has been a musician since childhood although his father wasn’t in total agreement until the release of his latest album.

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