Treasure (3)

One of the most exciting hip hop and rap music brands gradually building his way into mainstream appreciation, Treasure, is set to release his maiden single on Friday.

Treasure, widely known and appreciated for his featuring on ‘Ghana Boys’, off CHASE’s songs off his recently released mixtape, is ready with his first single Wonakobo.

Treasure (1)Wonakobo is a purely homegrown funk, carefully created over what looks like a rich overlay of good instrumentation.

Treasure’s expectations for the new material are high, giving the amount of work that went into it.

Born Kwabena Otchere in Accra, Ghana, Treasure immigrated to Maryland at age 17. He later moved to Atlanta.

He is fluent in Twi and also in the street lingua Pidgen. Treasure’s strength it’s been suggested is his ability to draw a sizeable chunk of following from the streets as well as from the upwardly mobile audience.

“The streets abide by the same rules no matter where you go and rapping was a way to document his experiences in a coded manner,” he says.

“I figured I could make a career out of music because people related to my story and there is a void in Hip Hop that needs to be filled to represent people from the same walk of life as myself.”

“I just pay attention to what people say,” offers Treasure, who is currently trending in the U.S, Canada and U.K with his behind the scenes photo shoot. Treasure (2)

“The people chose me. You can’t come out and say you hot. The people have to choose you.”

Credit: Obed Boafo