The VGMA is here again and everyone is getting ready to be a part of the experience. CloseUp ; the sponsors of the UNSUNG Category of the VGMA for two years that has seen winners like KelvynBoy in 2018 and Kula this year, wants to give you the chance to win yourself an IPhone Xs Max and get to meet your celebrity crush!!

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In three simple steps, here is how you can break that barrier between you and your celebrity crush and maximize your VGMA experience with closeUP while you sit behind your TV screens!

Step One:
Post a tweet with the hash tag #GetCloseUp, anytime your celebrity crush comes on screen

Step Two:
Now that you are here, refer to step one and triple your efforts.

Step Three:
Refer to step two! Break The Barrier

Get Close up to your TV screens, watch out for your celebrity crush and let the tweets fly!