Twellium Industustrial Company, producers of Verna Natural Mineral Water through their Twellium Foundation are showing support for the needy in society. With the “Verna Changing Lives”, an outreach program which will help keep the foundation going.


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This tagline is encouraging for people to show support : “At Verna, we believe in changing lives; we believe in positively impacting the generation. Buy your refreshing bottle of Verna water today to get a unique taste of nature and also to support in changing the lives of people. A bottle of Verna you buy today, will change the life of someone tomorrow.”

On the streets of Accra, the team meets Mrs Esther who is a beggar in a wheelchair with dependants and through their foundation provides support for her. A wonderful initiative this is, not just by giving her products for her to sell but also a place to lay her head as her former place of abode wasn’t healthy enough. The video below here as she shares her story:


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