Following the recent public plea for cash donations of 7,000 Dollars equivalent
to GHC 101,500 to aid a surgery on Rhoda Akorfa Senyegbe who has been
diagnosed with a critical Large Left Atrial Myxoma condition by the National
Cardiothoracic Centre, Twellium Industrial Company Limited, under its
remarkable initiative, “Verna Changing Lives” have stepped in to foot the total
cost to facilitate the surgery at the earliest possible time.
On Friday, May 17th
, representatives from Twellium Ghana, alongside members
of the Ghana Medical Association (GMA), presented the symbolic cheque to
Rhoda and her family at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra. At that
moment, amidst tears of gratitude and heartfelt embraces, the weight of
uncertainty lifted, replaced by the promise of a future renewed.
However, this selfless gesture by Verna Mineral Water is not shocking as the
brand has been recognized as a steward in its long legacy of giving back to
society and transforming lives over the years. Reflecting on their past initiatives,
one recalls Verna’s benevolent act last year, where they disbursed GHC 5,000
weekly for 12 weeks amounting to a total of GHC 60,000 to individuals facing
hardships, empowering them to kick-start their businesses, and GHC 75,000
donation to the Ghana National Amputees Football team to support them as
they represent the nation at this year’s African Cup in Egypt as the most recent.
Verna’s role in societal well-being transcends mere philanthropy, it embodies
the zeal to change lives for the better and provide future hope for countless
As they continue their noble mission, Verna pledges to remain a tool for
change, promising the Ghanaian public that their endeavors to transform lives
will persist. In the narrative of Rhoda Akorfa Senyegbe, Verna Changing Lives
etched a chapter support. As her journey continues, she walks not alone but
with the solidarity of a community that believes in the power of humanity to
change lives for the better.