Unreligious Servants Ministry is a non-profit group, consisting of creatives whose purposes are making gospel music and evangelize, then using the financial returns of their work to support the needy. Unreligious Servants is composed of, musicians, music producers, photographers, artists, poets, instrumentalists etc.

Unreligious Servants is making a notable entrance with their debut release, “Me Gye Wo Di” translating to “I believe in God.” Despite their name suggesting an unconventional stance, the group is committed to exploring creativity without religious constraints, aiming to connect with everyone beyond religious affiliations.

The title, “Me Gye Wo Di,” signifies an affirmation of belief in God, with lyrics crafted to resonate broadly, fostering unity through shared faith. The song, starting with rap and concluding with a choir, is released at a time when global audiences seek solace and connection. Unreligious Servants sees creativity and art as a universal language bridging multicultural gaps and believes “Me Gye Wo Di” reflects their dedication to positively impacting the human spirit, urging listeners to find strength in their beliefs.

The debut promises a soulful musical experience as Unreligious Servants seamlessly blends various artistic elements. Beyond prompting reflection, the song serves as a reminder that collective belief in something greater can foster compassion and understanding, irrespective of individual paths. The group invites fans to join them on this musical journey by streaming and enjoying “Me Gye Wo Di” on major platforms, aiming to spark meaningful conversations about the intersection of faith, creativity, and the universal human experience.