Don Kweli
Don Kweli 

Self motivation is indeed a very vital ingredient for the development of one’s self in life but one cannot also underestimate the inevitability and relevance of motivation from others in the improvement of one’s life towards a certain direction. Indeed, one must be self motivated in order to make it in life. However, when a person is being motivated by others, it really greases and accelerates his spirit and morale to do best in the achievement of his dreams.

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Music has proven to be one of the best avenues or platforms that grooms talents and create stars worldwide. Most people enter into this seemingly lucrative venture mostly because they are talented to belong there. Others too do so just to make money. Due to these two undebatable reasons the world is choked up with thousands of musicians. The good thing is that, it is very easy to identify the real talents from the sheer money makers.

The Western Region of Ghana has undenyingly proven to be a citadel of Ghanaian music and has blessed Ghana with great musicians such as AB Crenstil, Ambuley, Meiwey, Castro just to mention but few. Most of these great musicians didn’t come from the capital city, Takoradi. Some came from the small towns and villages in the region but rose through the ranks to become stars and legends.

Unfortunately, nowadays, all of the attention on Westside music seems to be focused on musicians from Sekondi-Takoradi. Most of the attention, be it support, sponsorship, hype etc seems to be focused on them. There’s no denying the fact that the capital city has some good musicians, big studios, big event organizers, many bloggers etc.

However, Westsiders seem to focus all their attention and support on the musicians in the cities alone. Meanwhile, there are other musicians from other parts of the region who are more talented than most artistes in the cities. The fact that some musicians in other parts of the region are very good and talented than most artistes in the cities is not farfetched.

Let’s take a musician like Don Kweli, the fast rising musician from the Westside Nzema, Axim to be precise. Ever since Don Kweli came to the lime light, he has really proven a talented force to reckon with and has filled the Westside atmosphere of music with great hit tracks. His excellent talent has given us great tracks such as I Luv Dis Gyal and Sweet Love ft. Singlet, the banger Kundum Fever ft. Nero X, Xmas Fever ft. Afedzi Perry, Fante Bin Landen ft. Qwesi Flex, Party Tonight ft. Luther, Obiba Bewu and the reigning banger #NAAYEN#. These tracks are hit tracks and the people’s choice and have enjoyed massive airplay in both the Westside and other regions including Cape Coast where I live and a day will never pass without hearing a track from Don Kweli on air.

Even though, Don Kweli is a man who believes in talent speaking for itself rather than hype, I think he deserves all the praise and support in all spheres of his music career to unearth the full potentials in him.

Finally, I’ll say such a talented musician’s fate must not be left in his own hands without the necessary support from stake holders, the media, friends and fans. It’s about time stakeholders in Westside Music supported Don Kweli to enable him develop his full talent and potentials and put Westside Music on the map.

Don Kweli is undoubtedly #The Unsung Hero of the West#. He only needs the attention and support from stakeholders, the media, family, friends and fans to achieve his dreams and come to the limelight.

He has bagged 4 nomination in the upcoming Nzema Showbiz Awards which comes off on the 30th of December at Esiama. Let’s all support him through our votes because nobody deserves the awards more than he does.