One of the best Ghanaian Rappers in USA, Papa Staunch has released a hit song titled ‘Atanfo Nye Nyame’ produced by Hammer of the Last 2.

The song which talks about how naysayers always talk ill of people who are doing their best in life admonishes optimists to not pay attention to what others talk about them but to be focused on their dreams.

“I think this is the song that brought out the best of Papa Staunch. I am a fan of his rap and I know he is a good rapper but I think this has affirmed my trust in his prowess in rapping and how talented he is” Kwame Asare, a social media influencer who has had the privilege to listen to the song before it’s release revealed.

To those who listened to the song ahead of release, they mention that this song does not only help people to stay focused in life, it is as well a banger.

By 233times