Hip-Hop/ Rap artist under the umbrella of Igboro Music known as Olatunde storms the music scene once again with another banging tune titled – Industry, as he rides on the famous Bella song (which featured MHD and Wizkid) to air out his views on happenings going on in the music industry, particularly regarding the Northern sector of Ghana.
In the song, Olatunde talks about how some people have gone ahead to observe him ever since he started commercial music and making comments like “he is too known”, “indeed he has contributed (susu money) towards his music career to strongly surface in a grand style onto the music scene”, “that he has been shooting music videos and is always seen in smiles and a happy mood” and to top it all he is even too young for all that he has been doing. But the rapper went on to throw a question to his observers and negative commentators asking “Wula, aba n’nyae naawuni?” Which translates to (Why is your father God?), his response to some of the negative comments that have been directed at him by observers passing negative comments.
Olatunde disclosed in the song that ever since his emergence, some artists have refused collaborations with him citing that he doesn’t know if it’s the energy and competition he has come with that they are afraid of, but quickly added that, that should not be the case since he is not happy about that development.
And that instead, all artists in the sector should come together to promote peace through the release of good music as that’s what he and his team are out to promote through the music sector.
The Igboro Music rapper further referenced the two undisputed Northern music giants Fancy Gadam and Maccasio respectively saying that they should know him (Olatunde) see them as legends, and that very soon they should expect seeing him soon. He went on to say ‘Thank You’ to everyone involved in supporting him and his music career ever since he started doing commercial from 2016. It is worth noting that Olatunde’s hard work and dedication led to him being nominated in both editions of the 2018 Northern Music Awards (NMA) and Northern Entertainment Awards (NEA) schemes, with about 6 nominations in total including; Best Vocalist of the Year, Best Music Video of the Year and Discovery of the Year, all of which he did not win.
Industry is a freestyle cover song to wet the appetite of his fan base, while he prepares to debut his main 2019 hit single titled Streets, which he promises it’s a banger that will surely wow the music scene worldwide.