Volta Music
Volta Music 

Volta Music Awards first edition came off two years ago where hardworking artistes in and around Volta Region were awarded for their handwork in entertaining, educating and healing of listeners and music lovers as a whole.

The organizing team of the new sensation fever in town Volta Music Awards pay a courtesy call on some key personalities in Ho and Accra respectively to seek for advice and officially alert them of their various positions they will take on the project.
The list includes the MUSIGHA chairman, radio personalities, cinematographers, bloggers just to mention but few. The main as stated earlier in the first paragraph is to officially invite them to the various parts they will play on the project and to listen to their inputs ahead of the formation process in constituting the Academy and Organizing Boards.

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A lot of in-depth discussion concerning the rules and regulations governing the award scheme was stressed on , the team also deliberated and laid emphasis on this because this VMAs will be a long standing annual rituals for the people of Volta, Ghana, Africa and the world.

Some of the points also discussed were: Number of Categories, Selection, Criteria for Selection, Setting Standards and Sponsorships.

The team was very happy to have a successful day for the responses from few stakeholders they met and are sure of putting up an event that will run for centuries.
With the little achieved the team is calling on all stakeholders around the globe to join the train to make this project a reality.
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