Volta Region is here with another lucrative agenda which gears towards serving the masses with the facts and rights to identify their hard working and dedicated talents, artistes, industry players and key figures in the region that deserve to be rewarded for their various functions.

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The stake holders of this awards scheme are painstakingly taking time to fix this event so that it becomes one iconic festival to honour and celebrate for decades.
Volta Regions happens to be one of the fruitful regions in Ghana. Since the emergence of some notable sons and daughters of her womb into the world, one can attest to the fact the many icons in Ghana and its Diaspora that hails from the region.

Looking at the rapid growth and barriers the dialect L1 of the region is breaking to reach its learners and listeners regardless the distance, tribe and location, the board members of Volta Music Awards took the mantle upon themselves to celebrate and reward the various personalities performing such roles in their chosen fields be it sound production, film, broadcasting via radio or TV, gospel, hip life, Hi-life, Reggae, Dancehall, hip-hop et al. It is now a major role of the award scheme to recognize hard working and dedicated profiles that will reach their board when the time is due.
This event is the premier award festival to hit the region, and since it is obvious that every new challenge is a bit hectic unless solved and goals achieved, the board has officially unveiled their first cover art which entails every detail that the public must be aware of. They also entreat all asunder to come on board to sponsor the event since it can be done well when more heads are inclusive.

In a nutshell, the award scheme is here to unite the various artistes in the region to work so as to achieve their set targets regardless their chosen genres.

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