Wanluv De Kubolor has been controversial since early last year till now. Most of his comments are nothing to write home about.  The ‘Coz Ov Moni’ act went to ‘Delay Show’ to showcase his manhood to the world for free and since then, the musician has always been in the news with controversies surrounding his life. Wanluv who is half of the duo Fokn Bois sometime back said he has slept with over 500 ladies unprotected which received lots of insults from pundits as to why he should make that statement to the public because they find it to be irrelevant.

The ‘African Gypsy feeling frisky getting tipsy living risky music’ artiste never seems to stay out of trouble with the kind of statements he makes.  Ghanaians and critics have then tagged him as an attention seeker.

Somewhere last week, he updated his facebook page with an unpleasant status which received lots of insults from his followers. The artiste said “If god made man in own image then god seff get gay ways”. This statement he made has been described as disrespect to the Most High God and he shouldn’t have said that in the first place. This is not the first time he is saying something bad about God but he never seems to stop those speeches. Entertainment critics who found it difficult talking about this gay statement made by the musician said Wanluv and his sister Deborah Vanessa should be sent back to Romania where they were before coming to Ghana  since they are always making speech to seek for attention and also to disgrace Ghanaians.

On an entertainment show hosted by James Kwasi Oberko a.k.a Jamestar on KFM 103. 7 in Kumasi, the pundits who didn’t want to talk about the subject matter about the artiste’s gay statement  he posted on facebook tried to ignore the topic but the host asked them to say something little about it.  A statement like this could not go away without harsh words and that’s exactly what came out from the panelists. One of the panelist said the musician and his sister who has also turned into a musician should be sent back to their country since their behavior can’t be accepted by Ghanaians.

Deborah was said to have compared her monkey to American recording artist Christopher Maurice a.k.a Chris Brown. Not only that, a reader took her time to write a long letter to her describing her as talentless and the reader did not go scot free but was lambasted by the TV presenter cum musician Vanessa. The host disclosed that he called Wanluv but didn’t pick the call and his manager Panji’s  phone was off.
During the phone in section, callers didn’t spare Wanluv for saying God is gay since he created man in His own image. Whilst most of the callers were insulting him, few of the callers spared him saying the subject matter shouldn’t have been discussed on the show because it is a disgrace.