OneCoin is a business opportunity for the future but you can start making real money with it right from day one.

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Here’s a video to explain the concept and the vision of the company in visual.




The easiest way to explain the OneCoin Business concept is like buying hard currency ($€£¥) and depositing it in a domiciliary account for keep or to be used for payment for goods and services abroad.

It is also like investing in stocks/Shares of a company and waiting for the value to appreciate for you to earn good return on investment.

The difference here is that the company is global, the instrument (stocks) is the OneCoin Crypto-Currency, a new technology and the evolution of money (Digital Money) which are used for payment for goods and services globally

The first Crypto-Currency is called Bitcoin which was created out of the frustration after the economic crisis of 2008. It was launched in 2009 as a rebel technology to operate independent of the financial institution and control of any government agency

At launch in 2009 the nominal value was $0.10/coin and only computer gurus were into it because it was highly technical with lot of protocols

It is also anonymous (users don’t disclose their identity) and even the creator is still not known till date. But as more people invest in it and started using it as a medium of exchange daily, the value started rising gradually as forces of demand and supply plays out.

As at today more Crypto-Currencies have been created and owned by various organisations like OneCoin, LiteCoin, Dodgecoin, Etherum, Ethalcoin and over 700 others in the Crypto market.

In 2013 the value Bitcoin rose to as high as $1,200/ coin and made headlines in CNN and other news media. As at today the value is still as high as $580 or more per coin of Bitcoin.

Dr. Ruja Ignatova (founder of OneCoin) after studying the technology and following bitcoin success for 5 years decided create a more advanced Crypto-Currency which solves the problems faced with bitcoin and with additional features to make it easier and more preferred for people across the world to use an a means of receiving and making payments

People all over 200 countries are investing heavily in OneCoin Crypto-Currency because the value is still very low and the fact that it’s most preferred by users especially people from China and other developed countries.

OneCoin was launched in September 2014 and start mining the coins in January 2015. The nominal value of OneCoin started at €0.50/ coin and today the value is €6.95/ coin

The major advantage in investment in Crypto-Currency is that, it is global and not affected by any particular economy. The currency can be exchanged back to cash at anytime as long as it has completed the mining process and free for use. The currency can also be used for payments unlike stocks which can only be traded

OneCoin is unique because it’s the first and only company that has been able to provide adequate information about the new technology and business concept of Crypto-Currency  by offering Education, Investment and Occupation through the referral program

For many people today OneCoin has changed their lives through the referral program outside their investment. So once you signup as a member and purchase a package you get the education, promotional tokens which is the investment and opportunity to earn weekly cash bonuses for team building

Membership is free but you buy a package to get the full benefits

You can decide to start from any package you can afford

There’s an amount of coins that can be produced from each package and that becomes the investment that you hold for as long as you want

With the challenges faced today by our paper currency falling everyday, many smart investors are now venturing into foreign currencies and assets as a way to preserve their wealth. Keeping our local money in the bank is no longer a profitable business due to inflation and high rate of depreciation. Even fix deposit, stocks and savings are not as good as they used to be. This is one way most Nigerians and people across the globe are preserving their wealth.

For those willing to build a career or just to earn extra income through the referral program of the company, they can make good money with the company’s compensation plan which is built on a binary system.


So what are you still waiting for? 

Join the One Coin Africa Team for the “Crypto-currency conference and learn how to sign up for this on Tuesday 17 and Thursday 19 of January 2016 at the Christ Embassy Church, Tema Beach Road, Nungua, Near the Junction Mall in Accra, Ghana.

Time is 5.30 pm Each Day.

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